— Become a sponsor

Associate your brand’s image with the festival!
You will gain significant visibility through our communication plan and a presence on the festival site, and we will work together to create a customized partnership and actions.
Contact Jessica Desrieux – jessica@agencetintamarre.fr

— Become a Patron

Join the Peinture Fraîche Patron’s Club and let’s build a partnership that reflects your values!
You’ll contribute to showcasing the work of artists and the development of a responsible, inclusive, and accessible festival for all. 
Sponsorship is open to everyone, regardless of the amount. It allows you to deduct 60% of your donation from your corporate tax. 
You can enjoy exclusive, tailor-made benefits, such as hosting your employees and clients at the festival and during special events.
Contact Jessica Desrieux – jessica@agencetintamarre.fr

— Business Offers

Last opportunity for your event at the Fagor factories before their closure!

From October 11th to November 5th, gather your employees and invite your clients or prospects.

Tailor-made offers: breakfast, lunches, cocktails… Let’s create your special moment together.

Peinture Fraîche will add a personalized touch to your event with customized entertainment: guided tours, interactive workshops (light painting, light graffiti, collaborative mural…).

Contact Cécile Hatert – cecile@cestchouette.eu

Photo © Antoine Duvernay