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Graffiti Park

A completely new space, discover the 7,000 m2 outdoor Graffiti Park dedicated to artistic expression and creativity. Here, discovery, entertainment and initiation to graffiti come to life. Immerse yourself in the world of graffiti, understand the depth and complexity of the works, and give free rein to your creativity thanks to the sprays and accessories on sale on site.

Photo © Antoine Duvernay

Photo © Lobna Tolba / Pozzo Live


Each week, two talented artists will engage in a live artistic performance, giving you the privilege of experiencing art in action. Throughout the festival, you will witness the gradual metamorphosis of a huge wall. These frescoes will be much more than finished works of art, they will be living witnesses to the inspiration and talent that animate Peinture Fraîche, creating a unique dialogue between the artists and the public.

Treasure hunt - Gen_iart & Tuco

Les jeudis et vendredis uniquement !

Plongez dans Graffiti Galaxy sur la planète Fagor, où un vaisseau du satellite Debourg s’est écrasé il y a tout juste un an. Des membres de l’équipage se sont dispersés, et des créatures locales les ont accueillis. Explorez le lieu en intérieur, soyez curieux… 

D’ailleurs, 1 membre d’équipage et 1 créature locale sont particulièrement bien cachés !

Voici donc votre mission spatiale. Prenez 2 selfies intergalactiques :
– 1 avec le samouraï en chef du vaisseau
– 1 autre avec l’animal royal

Les 2 premiers plus rapides remporteront chacun une œuvre des artistes.
Les 40 suivants remporteront une affiche du festival.
RDV au stand CONSIGNE du BAR pour montrer vos selfies et remporter votre cadeau.

Voici les photos des 2 personnages à trouver à l’intérieur du festival ⬇️

— Tuco Wallache Pacifico

Photo © DR

Tuco Wallache Pacifico, versatile artist, fuses photography, urban art and artistic experimentation. Inspired by everyday life, he creates hybrid works called “manimals” and “humasks”. These mythological creations animate our modern urban environment and intrigue audiences of all ages. Its main objective is to surprise and inspire reflection by integrating its art into urban and rural spaces, adding a touch of creativity to our daily lives.

— Gen_Iart

Photo © DR

Gen_Iart is a new, hyper-active artist on the Lyon scene! Passionate about new technologies, he combines his imagination and artificial intelligence to create ultra-realistic works that surprise the viewer. Thanks to his trompe l’oeil collages, he lets us discover the secrets hidden behind our walls. He subtly adapts his creations to the different media of the city by referring to the places around him in order to integrate them and make them seem real. Pay attention, he is preparing a treasure hunt for the young audience of the 2023 edition!