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Après le succès d’une première édition qui a attiré 37 600 festivaliers sur 10 jours, Peinture Fraîche investit à nouveau le périmètre urbain de la métropole de Lyon, avec un centre névralgique dans le 7e arrondissement : la Halle Debourg.

Street art undoubtedly means graffiti. But it also means stencils, volume, live painting, precision, gigantic murals and even digital art. Peinture Fraîche will explore this artform and all it's aspects and articulations. During the festival's fifteen days many activities will be open to the public : live painting and sculptural performances done by artists, murals and exhibitions set up beforehand specially for the festival, conferences, workshops open to all and various animations, a pop-up store, a temporary bookstore with author's autograph sessions, a Professional Day, several « before » events with DJ sets...

The location
la Halle Debourg

A central site steeped in industrial heritage

It has not escaped anyone's attention that Street Art is currently a major issue for dynamic, culturally receptive cities with a interest for innovative urban planning.

Lyon is a forerunner in this area (for example, the famous Lyonnais painted walls: the Lyon wall in the Croix-Rousse district dates back to 1987, those of the Tony Garnier Urban Museum were painted in 1989, the fresco by Joost Swarte in the 9th was painted in 1984 ...) ... But since then, the territory slowed down, and had not followed the explosion of this movement carried by a huge popular craze all around the globe, until a recent burst lead by the emergence of local actors who have breathed new life into this art in the capital of Gaul: Superposition, Mur69 or Spacejunk, as well as Slika and other ephemeral projects like Terminal or ZooArtShow. The scale and popular success of Peinture Fraiche have made it possible to reconnect Lyon with its history, to unite the energies of the rich and fertile soil of local activists, and to place it as a city of Street Art on the international scene.

Mise à disposition par la Métropole de Lyon, la Halle Debourg, un ancien entrepôt de fret-triage situé en plein cœur du septième arrondissement de Lyon, à proximité immédiate du métro Debourg, sera à nouveau le centre névralgique du festival où durant 15 jours, prendront place le cœur des activités.

organization & artistic director

Association troi3

Created in 2014, the association regroups entities from various artistic backgrounds with the aim of working together to create, organise, promote and broadcast multidisciplinary cultural events. Through diverse festivals and events produced in France and internationally (Colombia, Slovakia, Thailand), Troi3 has built up experience, networking and notoriety in the urban arts field. One state of mind always transpires in the events : conviviality, transversality, enlightenment and openness to the public.

Agence tintamarre

Tintamarre is a communication agency specialized in events, web and video. We organise public events as well as special operations for our clients. We create websites and support Tintamarre est une agence de communication spécialisée dans l'évènementiel, le web et la vidéo. Nous organisons des évènements grand public et des opérations spéciales pour nos clients. Nous créons des sites web et accompagnons nos clientssur les réseaux sociaux et le webmarketing. Nous produisons aussi des vidéos, du motion design, des podcasts. our clients on social media and webmarketing. We also produce videos, motion design and podcasts.


Spraying since 1989, Cart'1 studied applied arts from 1992 to a DSSA (Higher Diploma in Applied Arts) in Lyon. After his studies, he became a collaborator of several communication agencies in Lyon, Grenoble, Madrid and Paris, all the while traveling the world to indulge in his true passion: painting in the streets. Cart'1's art evolved in him working essentially with black and white, using smaller isolated elements and characters integrated in the scape in which he paints "like living things which are a part of reality".

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Du 2 au 25 octobre 2020


Les mercredis, jeudis et dimanches : 10h à 20h
Les vendredis et samedis : 10h à 23h
Fermé les lundis et mardis


1 jour : 5€
Pass : 16€
Tarif réduit : 4€ (pour les bénéficiaires du RSA, sur justificatif à l’entrée)
gratuit pour les moins de 12 ans

la Halle debourg

45 avenue Debourg, 69007 Lyon
Tram T1 : arrêt ENS Lyon
Métro B : arrêt Debourg


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