Our commitments

Photo © Max Charlin

Promoting access to street art and graffiti :

  • An affordable entrance fee
  • Guided tours and interactive workshops
  • Significant outreach efforts for schools and social organizations

Professionalization of artists

  • The opportunity to sell their artworks on Artshow and in the Shop
  • Equal compensation for murals, regardless of the artist’s fame

Placing Lyon at the heart of the global street art scene with high-quality international programming.

Ecology with the goal of becoming a zero-waste festival :

  • Waste reduction in all festival areas (bar, catering, setup, teardown, spray cans…), supported by AREMACS.
  • Collaboration with CAGIBIG for equipment sharing and CLIKECO for spray can refurbishment.

Cultural inclusion initiated in collaboration with the IESS CREW association

  • Supporting individuals in social and professional inclusion pathways through culture (57 individuals in 2022).
  • Insertion worksite for crafting festival furniture using leftover materials from the setup (wood, paint cans, etc.).
  • Artworks co-created by a graffiti artist and young people from Vaulx-en-Velin in collaboration with the ANAMORPHOSE association.