Since 2014, TROI3 has been committed to promoting urban arts. The association produces and co-produces ‘urban arts’ events in France and internationally, handling their creation, organization, promotion, and dissemination. Through festivals like TrubLyon, Wall Drawing (France), Killart (Colombia), Tao festival (Thailand), TROI3 has showcased its spirit: friendliness, interdisciplinarity, education, and engagement with the general public. TROI3 is convinced that merely showcasing art is not enough for its promotion. Capturing a gesture, a technique, attempting to reproduce it, serves to valorize a practice and appreciate the quality of an artwork.


A renowned street artist for thirty years, Cart’1 has explored different continents throughout his career in search of new walls and collaborations. Invited to numerous international street art festivals, he also founded the KillArt festival in Barranquilla, Colombia, where he lived. In Lyon, he launched the Wall Drawings festival in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2016, followed by TrubLyon the following year. These two editions paved the way for Peinture Fraîche.

In collaboration with TINTAMARRE agency

Tintamarre, the communication agency of Petit Bulletin / Groupe Unagi, specializes in events, web, and video. They organize public events (Lyon Bière Festival, Lyon Whisky Festival) and special operations for their clients. Tintamarre creates websites and supports clients on social media and web marketing missions. The agency also produces videos, motion design, and podcasts.